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Talent Concept

Virtue oriented and ability first, talents are given full scope to grow.

Taking the moral standards and mind as the basis for the use of talents, taking the ability and potential shown in the work as the prerequisite, we pay equal importance to both virtue and ability.With a better career development channel, through a sound performance evaluation system and a healthy competition mechanism, we can make people who are capable, responsible, good at cooperation and able to work together stand out, and build a platform for their talents to play. We support and respect the development of employees' career, create a continuous learning atmosphere, cultivate talents according to needs, and realize the common growth of employees and the enterprise.


★ We offer competitive salary and welfare, establish scientific and quantitative employee incentive system, and recruit talents from all over the world.

★ We provide a fair and just evaluation mechanism to achieve the best use of talents and help employees realize their self-worth while the company is successful.

★ We Advocate happy work, help each other, constantly improve the spiritual and cultural pursuit of the enterprise, and create warmth for employees.

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Recruitment Position






Casting engineer post





Negotiate in person

Job responsibilities: 1. Application service of casting series coating (cast iron, steel parts), casting process, casting defect analysis and solution; 2. Application solutions and on-site technical services of medium frequency induction furnace related casting materials (iron castings). Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above in casting related majors; 2. More than 5 years of working experience required by job description; 3. Have the ability to independently solve technical problems on site in accordance with the job description requirements; 4. Healthy, able to travel frequently, with good communication and understanding ability; 5. Agree with the corporate culture and values of Pingdingshan Weiye Company. Resume delivery email:

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