Ferromanganese Nitride

The company's ferromanganese nitride is a mature and stable nitrogen increasing material imported from Mexico. Nitrogen is used to replace or reduce expensive alloy elements, thus greatly reducing the production cost.


The "HM" brand preconditioner imported from Ukraine by the company is divided into W-1 and W-2 models. It is to improve the overall metallurgical quality of molten iron by pretreatment of molten iron.

Foundry Coatings

Founded in 1977, Italian Corefon Company has been focusing on research and production of foundry coatings for more than 40 years. As a premium brand of European foundry coating, Corefon products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, American, Asia,etc. and at the same time, it is the designated brand for global foundries of Italian Tekside company (including China’s Huadong Teksid).

Anti-Veining Additive

The company's anti-veining additive is used in the cold core and hot core  to prevent defects such as veins and burrs in the inner cavity of the casting, and can partly or completely replace special sand with the amount added only 0.3% - 1.0% of the total core sand.

Repairing Paste

Our reparing paste, imported from Italian Corefon company, is designed specifically to repair cores, can be used on cold box, hot box, pre-coated sand cores, and no bake sand core. Its special formulation makes it easy to apply by hand to reach leveled surfaces.

Ukrainian Release Agent for Hot Box

The release agent imported from Ukraine is the release agent used for hot box sand core (mold). It has the advantages of fast volatility and good release effect, and can be demoulded for many times and produce less mold scale once brushing.

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