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Anti-Veining Additive

The company's anti-veining additive is used in the cold core and hot core  to prevent defects such as veins and burrs in the inner cavity of the casting, and can partly or completely replace special sand with the amount added only 0.3% - 1.0% of the total core sand.

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“Weiye” brand recarburizer is made of high quality low-sulfur petroleum coke and produced by high temperature graphitization process. It has high purity, excellent particle morphology and graphitized hexagonal crystal structure.

Ferro Sulphur

"Weiye" brand ferro sulphur, using high-quality high-purity pyrite as raw material, is made by high-temperature calcination with removal of impurities and purification. It is used for the addition of sulphur element in gray iron smelting.

Silicon Carbide

“Weiye” brand casting grade silicon carbide can completely replace ferrosilicon, and itcan improve casting quality, reduce casting cost and enhanceenterprise efficiency.

PUCB Composite Sand

PUCB cold core sand is a high-quality composite sand developed by Henan Weiye company for the common quality problems in the production process of the domestic amine method cold box technology, that is, the sand for core making in cold box technology. Part of materials are imported from abroad. It can not only improve the cleanliness of casting cavity, but also reduce the production cost of casting.


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